You can use location based push notifications to improve the quality of your geolocation marketing. This ensures that you can conveniently reach your target audience in a cost-effective way. 

In this article, we’ll share the best practices and benefits of using push notifications for Android and iOS mobile devices. You’ll see that these app messages are among the best ways to increase footfall to your physical location. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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How To Send Push Notifications Android Based on Location

Do you want to know how to send push notifications Android based on location? You’ll need to use a service that offers geolocation marketing tools. This includes the ability to set up push notifications based on Android devices. 

There are several advantages to doing location-based marketing and using push notifications. Here are the top benefits of location-based push notifications:

  • Increased relevance and engagement: Notifications tailored to a user’s location are more likely to be relevant and engaging. For example, sending a discount offer when a user is near a store can increase the likelihood of a visit. This is a superb strategy for physical locations that rely on local footfall. Also, users receive information when it is most useful to them, such as event reminders when they are near the event location.
  • Better user experience (UX): Users appreciate notifications that provide value without needing to search for information. Hence, location-based alerts can inform users about nearby services, events, or offers.
  • Improved marketing effectiveness: Businesses can target users based on their current location, which results in higher conversion rates. For instance, promotional messages can be sent only to users within a certain radius of a retail outlet. Additionally, by focusing on users in specific locations, businesses can reduce marketing spend and increase return on investment (ROI).
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and retention: Personalized and relevant notifications can foster a sense of connection between the user and the brand. Hence, integrating location-based notifications with loyalty programs can encourage repeat visits and purchases.
  • Better data and insights: Collecting location data allows businesses to better understand user behavior and preferences, leading to more informed decisions and strategies. Businesses can also track the effectiveness of location-based campaigns and adjust strategies based on real-time data.

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Location Based Push Notifications Android: 5 Best Practices

Now, let’s explore five of the top best practices for location based push notifications Android. This will allow you to get the most out of the strategy for targeting users in their current location. 

These best practices will help beginners start successfully with a positive ROI. 

1. Use Geofencing

Use geofencing push notifications to clearly define the virtual boundaries for where you target audiences. This requires more micromanaging, but you will have more control over the targeting. 

Also, you’ll need to find a software solution incorporating geofencing in its features. 

2. Obtain User Content

Always request explicit permission from users before accessing their geolocation data. Clearly explain why you need this data and how it will benefit them. This is good practice for promoting transparency and goodwill with your community. 

Furthermore, provide clear information about how you’ll use, store, and share the location data. This ensures users understand what they are letting themselves in for by sharing their data. Then, you’ll need to implement the practices you promise with the online community. 

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3. Ensure Relevance

Send notifications that are highly relevant to the user’s current location and context. Irrelevant notifications can lead to users disabling notifications or uninstalling your app. This can lead to a loss of revenue and can be disastrous for businesses. 

Additionally, consider the timing of your notifications. For instance, sending a promotion to a nearby store during business hours is more effective than during late-night hours.

4. Frequency and Timing

Do not overwhelm users with too many notifications. That’s because balance is key to engaging users without annoying them. Think of how often you’d like to receive advertisements. Also, you’ll need to look into the data to determine what frequency leads to higher engagement rates. 

Implementing intelligent scheduling is a good idea to avoid sending notifications at inconvenient times. This automates the process so you can spend time on other tasks. 

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5. Respect User Privacy

Implement strong security measures to protect user data. Therefore, you’ll need to use encryption and secure storage solutions. This ensures that you don’t accidentally share customer data with others. 

You’ll also need to adhere to data privacy laws to avoid legal trouble. 

Are Location Based Push Notifications iOS Effective?

Yes, location based push notifications iOS are effective at targeting Apple mobile users. However, you’ll need to add the right best practices to optimize the revenue you can generate. 

However, this strategy only works for target users that share their geolocation data. Otherwise, you cannot target users for your location-based push notification campaigns. 

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Should You Use Location Based Push Notifications?

Yes, you should use location-based push notifications to target customers based on their geolocation data. This will improve the UX, generate more footfall, and increase revenue. 

Remember to use location based push notifications to increase campaign effectiveness as well. This includes using geofencing, getting the timing right, and ensuring relevance. 

However, you’ll need a reliable service to generate the location data for your target audience. Consider choosing geoPlugin, a proven tool that can help you bring your push notification strategies to life. 

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