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Why do I need to register if geoPlugin is free?

We are often asked “why do I need to register?”.

The reason to register is so that we may keep in touch with you. After all, if you are using our services, surely you would want to know of any major (or even minor) changes that might affect you?

While a lot of the web services are free and don't require registration/domain activation, we cannot guarantee it will always stay this way. For the moment (and foreseeable future), these services can be used whenever you wish, without registration. However, if you register and activate the domains you are using these services on, should we ever need to close the fully open access of these services, your sites will be unaffected since they are already registered with us.

We have not nor will we ever give out your email to third party sites.

Privacy of your personal details is our priority

Whether you register or not, we would very much appreciate you acknowledge our services by adding the following unobtrusive HTML to the foot of your pages:

<a href="" target="_new">IP Geolocation</a> by <a href="" target="_new">geoPlugin</a>

IP Geolocation by geoPlugin

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