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Premium IP geolocation access

geoPlugin is free within the limit of 120 lookups per minute.

If you wish to remove these limits, you may subscribe to the premium geolocation web service. This will remove these limits, within reason (see our AUP), for your server's IP or website URL. Premium access subscribers requiring more than 2 million daily lookups are required to contact us.

The rates are one of the following:

  • €15 per month
  • €75 per 6 months
  • €120 per year

If you wish to whitelist your server, please select your preferred contribution cycle below with your server's IP in the comments section.

For SSL access, an API Key is required to offset certificate prices and costs €12 per year.

Monthly whitelisting

€15 per month

6-Monthly whitelisting

€75 every 6 months

Yearly whitelisting

€120 per year

SSL Access Per Year

€12 per year

Note: All subscriptions to the geoPlugin webservice are definitive and non-refundable.

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